Tips For Using Microsoft FrontPage

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Microsoft Front Page is a great and easy way to build a professional looking websites. First, it's a very easy to use software which you can manage and learn its many options within few hours.

If you used to build websites with notepad and HTML writing, Microsoft Front Page will be a big upgrade for you and save you a lot of time building  and designing you websites and have a high quality code for your pages. Surly, you will see the differences between a notepads html site and a Front Page's website.

Create a professional website with Microsoft Front Page

FrontPage Behaviors Tables - Using Front Page you will find a great options to easily create tables. In fact, in Front Page you will create it visually so you will control you combining and dividing table's cell so easy and fast. You will be able to alter and make changes in your tables fast and at any point of your work. Once you created one page with table as your template you can copy the new html file and paste it and edit your second file look.

Content - With Front Page visual mode you can easily type you page's content and focus on it without seeing any code around it, unlike using notepad. You can edit, alter, delete, add and design your content easily with the options buttons you got on the toolbars of the software. It is really easy, because it is very similar to using Microsoft Word documents.

Toolbars - Front Page offers many toolbars with editing options sorted by a reasonable order. If you like to edit a table or change picture preferences you can go to the right toolbar and change it with a click of a button. There are many options you will find on the top menu bar (File, Edit etc.) and on Toolbars, you can add variety of toolbars to your workspace as needed.

Task Pane - is one of my favorite option panel because it helps you adding cool stuff to your website without writing any single word on your code. For instant, if you go to Behaviors, you will be able to insert onmouseover button by swapping images. Or, if you need some clip arts to your page, you can find a huge collections of clip arts so you can enrich your website.

Microsoft Front Page 2003 is the newest version of this software. It is great to use if you are on your first steps on the web designing and creating websites.