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HOT! Solar Chargers - Save Money on Charging Your Mobile Phones

One of the coolest items I have found on eBay lately is the Solar Chargers which charge mobile phones or smartphones using the sun energy.

Of coarse, I have already ordered it and got it and started using it. I love these cool gadgets and specifically found this solar charger pretty cool.

How the solar charger works?

Solar Chargers

The solar charger getting the sun lights and convert it to electricity which stored on an inner batteries inside the solar charger. After the solar charger collected and is full charged, you can connect you mobile phone to its USB output and charge your phone.

If you in a harry and need it as backup charger, you can charge it from the electricity with your smart phone's cable. But this is not the issue here. The main issue is that you can save money on charging your mobile phone using the solar energy.

There are a lot of models of this solar charger, what should I choose?

All models of these solar chargers works the same. The two main differences are:

1. Its shape or design - you can choose from many cool designs of the solar chargers.

2. The capacity which is the main different - It's means that you will find different capacity of storing the energy. The capacity of solar charger can start with 1000mAh (for the old ones) to the highest capacity you can find today which stands on 300,000mAh(!) and this last one is a lot.

The more high capacity - the more mobile phone charges can be done without charge the solar charger again, assuming the solar charger is fully charged.

An average mobile phone or smartphone has a battery with capacity of 3,000mAh. If we test the 300,000mAh solar charger when it's full charged and do the math, you can charge your mobile phone up to 100 times (or 90 time, for being realistic). As said, pretty cool!

The Prices - Cheap & Low

You can find these 300,000mAh Solar chargers with a very low prices on eBay.