How to stop and disable text auto correction on Xiomi devices and on Android devices

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As for Xiomi mobile device, Xiomi is an android based system and the solution for stop and disable text auto correction for this device is the same as for all other Android operation systems. This solution for disable text auto correction can be made assuming that you have'nt install any other keyboards and you use the default keyboard of Google Keyboard.

In this solution, you can find also a solution to disavle text suggestions which appear at the same window. So, here you can diasble auto text correct and text suggestions on Android:

1. Go to the Setting app on your mobile phone device.
2. Select Additional Settings option.

3. On the new window select Language & Input.

4. Select the arrow icon nera the option Gboard או Google KeyBoard.

5. Select Text Correction on the new window.

6. Remove the V signs from the unwanted options.

That's it.