Gift Idea: Newton's Cradle Balance Ball Physics Science Fun Desk Toy Accessory

If you looking for a great gift idea for frien's new office or friend's new job or as a lovely gift for kids, Newton's cradle fun steel balance balls can be great idea!

You can find many designs of this Newton's cradle steel balance balls you can pick and there are mainly two diffrent types: line of balls and kinetic orbital decoration.

Newton's cradle fun steel balance balls
You or your friend can use Newton's cradle fun steel balance balls as an house or office decoration and let your or his room have more fun.Often used as a toy to amuse people.
It is a best and useful gift for children to arouse his or her interest in physics. Not only demonstrates a pendulum, but also shows the Laws of Conservation of Momentum and Energy. Friction and damping effects are also observed.

Simple to use: Pull up one ball and release, only one ball in the other side moves,pull up two, two balls will react, and so on.

Newton's cradle fun steel balance balls suitable for places such as office, desk table, computer table etc.
Includes steel balls, frames and base.

Avarage Price: $5 USD

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