What is a responsive website design?

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What is a responsive website design? This term that hangs a lot  lately confusing people looking to build a new website.

By definition, a responsive website fits it's structure and it's content to different devices which the visitor use to browse it.

Today, most of the responsive websites are suitable to stationary computers, Smartphone devices in a standard browser like browsing Safari etc and tablets.

When the user or visitor enters the website thought one of the devices mentioned above, a programming code or page server identifies the type of device from which the user came to the website and transfer him to a suitable website version. This versions of custom site structures helps the visitor to browse the website and it's content easily.  

For example, if the user enters through a smartphone, he will be transferred to  smartphones designed structure website which differs from normal computers by it's size and accessibility of the overflow content and options. If the visitor gets in to the website using a computer, he will be transferred to suitable website version.

If you already have a website, you can check if it is also mobile-friendly website, in accordance with the requirements and guidelines of the Google Search Engine.

To check if your site is a mobile-friendly as Google requires, test your website on Google Mobile-Friendly Test page.

Just enter the website's URL on the URL field and et your results. If your site is optimized, you will receive a message that your site is optimized. If not, Google will show you a list of changes you should do to make your website a mobile-friendly.

Of course, upgrading an existing website or build a new responsive website has disadvantages and advantages:

Main disadvantage : costs of upgrading or building a new website.


A. Google, for several months, ranks higher mobile-friendly websites. If your site has a mobile friendly version,  it gets more ratings through searches done through smartphones, and under your result, it will be titled in gray "mobile friendly".

B. Accessibility – apart from the importance of accessibility criteria rating for Google and other search engines, the accessibility of the website for a visitor himself, helps him to get to your content and products easily.