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Outdoor Garden and Yard Landscape RGB LED Spot Light Waterproof

Outdoor colorful garden yars lawn spot lightIf you have a garden, yard, patio or lawn, you can decorate it with beautiful colorful spot lights, so at night, after it's getting dark, you and your guests can enjoy these lovely lights landscape outdoors.

The outdoor garden and yard landscape RGB LED spot lights are waterproof so if it's rainning, you can still enjoy it as it safe to use.

You can light up your lown with colors or plants and bushes and you'll get calming and beautiful view of your garden at night.

Some tips for your garden decoration with colorful light:

1. If you have flowers pots you can put small lights at the base of the flower or plant.

2. On your garden you can shed colorful lights on bushes and trees. Locate the lights at the base of the tree or bush sho it will light from buttom to top.

3. Use Decorative colorful light to hand on tree brunches or hook on the patio walls.

4.  For outdoors - use solar decorative lights to save money. When fully charged during the day, this solar lights can light your garden free of charge.

And another cool thing! Some of the outdoor lights has remote control(!) so you can change the color of the lights as you want. Awesome!

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