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Car Portable Cooler and Warmer Refrigerator

Car Portable Mini RefrigeratorWhile traveling with your car, you don't have to settle for warm water, drinks or food like fruits that leid in your car under the sun for many hours. You can use car portable cooler and warmer mini refrigerator which can save your food cold or warm as needed.

There are many different models and types for these car mini refrigerators you can pick from as the main thing you should consider is its size and how you can put it in your car without taking all the free space.

Car Mini Portable Refrigerator can be found in different sizes starting with 4L , 6L , 7.5L , 12L and even 24L .

Check out these car portable refrigerators on eBay sorted by size:

4L Car Portable Refrigerator

6L Car Portable Refrigerator

7.5L Car Portable Refrigerator

12L Car Portable Refrigerator

24L Car Portable Refrigerator


The car's mini refrigerator is also great for camping and on some models the device is combined with cooling food and drinks and warming it.

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